Stuff done:

  • Main Mix knob
  • Preset Recall
  • Bubble
  • Parallel Processing
  • Smart CPU Saver
  • Fixed installer removing Graphic Elements
  • Fixed Scanner 32 & 64 bits issue
  • Juce update to V4, which should solve some hosting stuff
  • Presets not being unloaded correctly
  • Bug when a plugin is replaces (controls remained attached to old plugin)
  • Logic Pro X Scan Issue
  • Scanner updated to Juce V4
  • Telemmetry and Nyrvana optimizations for reducing load on server
  • License Export update
  • Updated License Manager to account for Guru Meditation error (better error msg)
  • Right click on an already populated control for Listen For Parameter Change fails (when removed)
  • Fixed installer crash if Nyrv Servers are down

Known issues:

  • Slot Button to click
  • Latency on 16 slots compensation
  • Agent Parameters not showing up on the list
  • Guru Meditation bizarre case

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