New Features:
* New Latency Control Settings: Complete control over the hosted plugins reported latency this can be global or per hosted plugin.

* Global Latency Panel (Settings > General > Latency): This panel contains 2 options: Report sum of all latencies, and use global custom latency (All instances). 

* Per plugin latency control: New feature allows for complete control over the reported latency of any hosted plugin, this is found on the settings icon on the HostedPluginWindow (also new).

* Settings icon on Hosted Plugin Window now controls the launch of the generic editor, and contains the Individual Plugin latency control.

* Race condition when reading plugin names
* Some random crashes were fixed
* Latency report

Other Improvements:
* Mac installer should now correctly copy the package contents, fixing LicenseManager and AAX issues.
* Opening the plugin browser gives keyboard focus to the search box so user can type instantly the name of the plug he is searching for

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